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What Lies in the Shadows

Thank you for visiting What Lies in the Shadows. This site focuses on prevention and healing of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, plus ritual abuse and trafficking. Child abuse is not society’s problem or the government’s problem. It is your problem and my problem.

There is no way to put a price on how much abuse costs the child who is abused, but according to Child Help (, the cost to the American taxpayer in 2008 was 124 billion dollars. Did that get your attention? I hate to narrow it down to dollars and cents, but that seems to be the language Americans as a whole understand. Am I preaching to the choir? I probably am, because if you didn’t care about abused children, you would be surfing another website.

Thank you for caring. I hope we can partner together to make a difference. If you are a survivor, you can tell your story here. You are not alone. If you work with abused children or adults abused as children, we want to bless you. If you have found techniques that help a survivor, please pass them along and I will pass along things I have learned in my counselor’s chair. I don’t want this to be just another blog. I want it to be a blog that touches aching hearts.

07 Jul Posted by in danger, rape, teen | Comments

Danger: Teen Girls Gone Wild

Teen girls don’t realize they put themselves in danger by their drinking and wild dancing. They show little respect for their own bodies. I don’t know what they do in their home town, but the actions I saw recently caused me great concern. My adult daughter and I cruised together to three ports. Several groups […]


Anger, Fear, or Both?

Anger gets a bad rap these days. Yes, it can lead to many problems if it is not controlled, but the feeling itself is there to tell us something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Anger also has another job; it covers emotions we are afraid to face, like fear. Did you ever think you […]


This Could Happen to a Child You Love

  Shocked and saddened! I felt shocked and saddened last night as I talked to a police officer who works on the organized crime team in a large city. He said the city is a dangerous place to be. I asked where he sees the most trafficking. The trafficking stretches from the most affluent suburbs in the […]


Crazy Mixed-up Who? You?

Have you ever felt crazy – like everyone knows all the answers and you don’t even know the questions? Did you ever experience a situation that had you so mixed-up you didn’t know what to do? Have you ever had something happen that caused you to say to yourself, “Why Me?”   Abused by Trust                                                                                                                                                              If you […]


Just Me, Alone

Have you ever felt alone? Truly and totally alone, like there is no one else in the world - or at least like there is no one in the world who really cares if you take another breath? If you have, then you know how terrifying that can be. We all need others to love us […]